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about me, chloe.


Wow, honestly, I don't even know what to say. I'm just honored that you took the time to visit my site like this, it's truly humbling. I think you're here to find out if I'm the right photographer to capture your precious memories, so let me give you some info that might help you:

  • I'm a new mom who understands that life comes at you fast

  • I know you'd rather be IN the moment than scrambling to record it

  • I'm a Christian woman that does business with honor, integrity, and a deep love for people

  • I'm a Black photographer that knows how to make your skin glow

  • I make a bomb playlist, my Spotify is a gold mine

  • My internet history is mostly photoshop tutorials, restaurants to try, and interesting gardens and museums to check out

  • I didn't panic-buy toilet paper in 2020, but I did get a sewing machine to make and donate cloth masks

  • I have big Linda Belcher energy


For some people, that's random information, but if you've read this far I can already tell you're the type of person I'd love to work with. If you're feeling the same, let's schedule some time to chat (or email each other lol).

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