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Because your first impression should be true to you


Being You is Better

The professional landscape has CHANGED. We're working from home (sometimes), we're wearing our hair however we want, and we're standing up for ourselves and each other when people try to derail our honest efforts. My favorite thing that has changed about the workplace:

Women showing up as themselves.

Women like you are putting themselves out there as fully realized humans - empathetic, joyful, kind, evn angry sometimes, and deeply passionate. So why does your headshot, this thing that's supposed to represent you, still look like a corporate robot?

It's time to uncross your arms, ditch the starched down pantsuit, and put the Kamala wig away. You don't have to pretend to be some 60 year old white man's idea of professional. You can choose right now to be YOU.


"Chloe took her time and let me relax and brought my personality alive."



Embrace Your Awkward

Headshots with personality can feel uncomfortable, especially when you're forcing yourself into an image that's not really yours. If you're like me, you're actually quite awkward in front of the camera, but have you ever considered that a good thing?

I'm here to tell you that even those quirky, "don't know what to do with my hands" moments are GOLD around here. The photos where you let yourself enjoy the moment are what make that photo real, relatable, and even hirable!

So take that chance and stand out from the sea of black and navy on LinkedIn. Show up in full color, fully you.


Meet the Photographer

Chloe Bovia

Hello Gorgeous, and welcome to Bovia & Co. I won't hold you long, I just want to tell you that you're worthy. My photography is rooted in my own journey to confidence and a sense of worth. After having my baby (a wildly active 2 year old Sesame Street superfan), I struggled with feeling unseen and undesirable. I felt like my new body was a burden, and I refused to take any meaningful pictures of myself for nearly a year. And I wholly regret it. I do photography now because I want every woman to know that she is worth remembering at every stage. Every pound, every failure, every achievement, every everything is worth remembering.

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