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Photography for Lovers

Elopement photography and couples sessions for the ones that can't get enough of each other

Love That Inspires

You two aren't perfect, but you're perfect together. Celebrate the love you've so carefully grown. You've put in the work, it's time to enjoy it. Our elopement packages and couples photoshoots create an easy atmosphere for you to relax and unwind with the love of your life. We capture candid moments that show the true love between the two of you. Our one-of-a-kind keepsake photo gifts keep that memory alive for the friends, family, children, and loved ones that are celebrating your journey with you. Most importantly, they're reminders of the unique, unbreakable bond between you both.


Our Style

The Bovia & Co. approach to photography is simple: authenticity. We treat each elopement and couples session like observers. We give you the chance to just enjoy each other, and we capture that with as little intrusion as possible. Think of it like a date, but someone is occasionally directing you on how to pose. 




Curated Amenities

Taking full-service to the next level

Location Scouting

Personal Stylist

Champagne & Charcuterie


Pre-Session Care Package

Posing Assistant


Meet the 

Chloe Bovia

Hello you two, and welcome to Bovia & Co. I won't hold you long, I just want to tell you that you're amazing. I'm someone who spent every waking moment with their spouse during the pandemic and actually loved it. Romance, love stories, holding hands in public - all of this is my JAM. I love seeing other people enjoy their partnes openly and unashamedly. Love is a gift, and it needs to be celebrated out loud (especially with the state of the dating scene in DC right now).

Chloe creates a phenomenal environment where I felt comfortable to tap into another side of myself. Definitely recommend booking a shoot with her!
Sarah D.

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Sessions begin at $650.

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