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Maternity Sessions


For the mom who's so much more 


Your Baby Needs the Whole You

Whether this is your first baby, or you've got a whole little village at home, being your complete self as a mother is key. Your kids don't need the sanitized version of you - perfect mom who always cooks dinner on time, always has the best arts and crafts, never has a bad moment in front of them. She's not real. But these maternity photos are as real as it gets. 

Maternity sessions at Bovia & Co. are about exploring all of you and letting your creativity run wild. Behind these simple moments are mothers-to-be who took a moment to embrace themselves with wide open arms. It's not a fantasy version of themselves, it's who they really are, even if they don't show her often. 

At the risk of sounding like imperialist propaganda, be all you can be.

"You definitely know how to capture a moment!"



Perfect Is Not
the Point

Do you feel like you don't have that perfectly round belly for photos?



And I say that with love, I really do. Carrying life is such a miracle. Your body is doing things that you can't even imagine, so I Invite you to shift your focus. These photos are about preserving memories, celebrating miracles, and exploring yourself. The very last thing I want you to think about is if you fit the mold of an aesthetically pleasing pregnancy. 

You know who that round belly matters to? People who still don't know where the clitoris is. Is THAT who you care about satisfying? 


Meet the Photographer

Chloe Bovia

Hello Gorgeous, and welcome to Bovia & Co. I won't hold you long, I just want to tell you that you're worthy. My photography is rooted in my own journey to confidence and a sense of worth. After having my baby (a wildly active 2 year old Sesame Street superfan), I struggled with feeling unseen and undesirable. I felt like my new body was a burden, and I refused to take any meaningful pictures of myself for nearly a year. And I wholly regret it. I do photography now because I want every woman to know that she is worth remembering at every stage. Every pound, every failure, every achievement, every everything is worth remembering.

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