Professional Event Photographer Serving Bethesda, MD and Beyond

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Capturing Impact

Photojournalism Style Event Photographer in Bethesda, MD

Bovia & Co. specializes in candid, photojournalism-inspired event photography that documents your event with intention and artistic creativity. Your most impactful moments are captured with an eye for storytelling, all while you remain free to fully immerse yourself in the event. Whatever your event, we're able to preserve the essence of it in photography. Book Chloe for your next event to guarantee professional, artful, and memorable event photography.

Documenting Moments That Tell the Story

We know your special events are more than just a good time - they're created to fulfill goals and move people to action. Our corporate event photography aims to capture that same intention and provide you with photos that you can actually put to work on your digital platforms. We deliver high-resolution, gently edited, crisp, clean photos that you can use for social media, websites, print media, and beyond.


Expect Seasoned Professionalism

Chloe has been photographing events for years, and has worked in the corporate and political arena of Washington, DC for nearly a decade. She understands that these events are where the magic happens for your personal and professional relationships. While many photographers have failed to master the art of discretion, Chloe maintains professional distance and minimizes intrusion to guests throughout the entirety of your event.


Our Event Photography Services

We photograph a wide variety of events, including but not limited to:​

  • Conferences

  • Retreats

  • Galas

  • Charity events

  • Birthdays

  • Parties

  • Church gatherings

  • and many more!

What You Should Know About Event Photography

How much does event photography cost?

We charge $275 per hour and a require a minimum of 2 hours of event photography. Every moment of your event is important, but sometimes our presence can become redundant. During our initial consult, we'll talk through how many hours make sense for your event and how we'll be able to capture the most impactful content.

How many hours of photography do I need?

This ultimately depends on the flow of your event the what story you want to tell in the photos. For example, if you're booking a corporate event photographer for a conference, you may contract our services for select events such as keynote speakers, vendor exhibitions, and a gala. If you're hosting a ball or party, you may contract us for the entire event to capture guests from beginning to end.

What happens if guests don't want their pictures taken?

We do require that a photo release is signed by all guests or that a blanket release is shared at the event. In the event that a guest does not want to appear in photos, we will do our best to ensure that we do not photograph them, but this cannot be guaranteed. How the photos are used and shared are at your discretion, so you may delete any photos of individual guests.

Will the flash bother my guests?

Generally, flash photography does not bother guests if they've been notified beforehand that a photographer will be present. We do our best to minimize intrusion to the guest experience by using equipment that allows us to stay out of the way. 

Event photography rates begin at $275/hour with a recommended minimum of 2-3 hours. Schedule your creative consultation today to secure your date.

Event Photography Requests