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Love Letter Submission

Say what's on your heart

The Love Letter

So here's the story: Someone you know has booked a photoshoot with Bovia & Co. where they got to see a whole new version of themselves on camera. After that session, they decided they didn't want those jaw-dropping photos to get lost in the pits of their google drive soooo they ordered one of our customized love letter magazines. 

Here's where you come in.

We're asking you write that special someone a love note filled with words of affirmation. They were brave enough to celebrate themselves, so let's show them some love! This person won't see your letter until their printed magazine is delivered - what an amazing surprise, right? Drop your letter in the form below and we'll make sure it gets to them. Need some inspiration? Check out my 10 Best Platonic Love Letter Prompts!

Submit Your Love Letter

Thanks for submitting!

Want Your Own Love Letter Session?

Curated photoshoots that celebrate vulnerability

Need a little reassurance? A confidence boost? A reminder that you are THAT girl? 

First of all, AIN'T NO SHAME! We all need to be affirmed sometimes. Life gets heavy and it gets hard to see how bomb you actually are.

Photoshoots with us are a *curated* experience where you get to unlock a new version of yourself. Here, you get to let go of all the stuff that keeps you from appreciating yourself. The experience is indulgent - professional massage, champagne & charcuterie, personal stylist, and glam makeup. The works, baby.

If you're looking for "just a few photos," you may want to pass. We're over here creating art and igniting confidence.


"More than photography"

"Bovia & Co. is more than photography. My experience with Chloe was fun, empowering, supportive and healing. From booking to receiving my photos, I could feel the intention and care. If you want to feel like an absolute queen, this is for you!"

Gigi G.


Meet the 

Chloe Bovia

Hello Gorgeous, and welcome to Bovia & Co. I won't hold you long, I just want to tell you that you're worthy. My photography is rooted in my own journey to confidence and a sense of worth. After having my baby (a wildly active 1 year old Sesame Street superfan), I struggled with feeling unseen and undesirable. I felt like my new body was a burden, and I refused to take any meaningful pictures of myself for nearly a year. And I wholly regret it. I do photography now because I want every woman to know that she is worth remembering at every stage. Every pound, every failure, every achievement, every everything is worth remembering.

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