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Compelling Visuals for Mission-Minded People

 Promoting a timeless values on modern platforms.

Values Driven Branding

Branding isn't a logo and a color palette - it's the feeling your work creates. 

Do the materials you put out say "professional, committed, and competent," or do they say "quickly thrown together without intention or direction?"

You may be a small organization, but you do serious, heart-centered work. Stop presenting yourself as anything less.

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Event Photography

Your audience should be able to focus solely on the speakers and presentations at your event, not worried about filming and photos. I photograph worship services, lectureships, conferences, and more so your attendees can get the most out of the events you put together. the resulting photos will give you a wealth of content to share on social media, websites, and news outlets.

Brand Photography

You need content curated specifically for your message, and not every candid moment provides that. Brand photography focuses on creating imagery that is laser focused on communicating your mission, vision, and values. These photoshoots focus on capturing people, places, and things exactly as you envisioned them for cohesive branding across all your platforms.

Graphic Design

You have enough to do, take graphic designer off your plate. I work with small organizations to create templates that streamline the work and provide cohesion. From logos, to flyers, to full program booklets (printing AND delivery included), I take all the guesswork out of creating professional and impactful designs.

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Brand Strategy

You need a brand strategy if:

  • You have no idea what "branding" actually means

  • Your organization's brand feels all over the place and you don't know how to bring it in line

  • Your message isn't coming across clearly in your materials

  • You have a special event that you want to optimize for brand exposure and recognition

Brand strategy sessions can look like:

  • Auditing all your branding materials and providing recommendations

  • Workshopping your mission, vision, and values

  • Training for staff on how to maintain brand consistency

  • Drafting a brand recognition plan for a special event

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