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  • Chloe Bovia

10 Tips to Make Your Boudoir Poses Effortlessly Sexy

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

I have no idea what I'm doing, you're going to have to give me LOTS of direction!

We hear this right before 90% of photoshoots (literally), especially when it comes to boudoir. It's like taking your clothes off in front of someone you're meeting from the first time is awkward or something. On top of that, there is so much subtle body-shaming in the photography industry. We hear photographers talk about "flattering" poses and what's "right" for plus size bodies, as though our bodies are limited in their ability to be graceful, sexy, elegant, etc. At Bovia & Co., posing is about making you feel empowered. "Flattering" is about what you love about your body, not what people think you should try to hide. These posing tips are curated from many sessions with many women who taught us what it means to command a scene. They're not tips to make you look better - you're already stunning. They're about helping you pose in ways that remind you of the artwork that you truly are, showing off every beautiful inch of you. CAUTION: the pictures get pretty NSFW

The Best Ways to Pose for Boudoir Pictures: Our Hottest Tips

#1: NO pose is off limits

The only pose that's isn't right for your body is the one that doesn't feel good to you. So often we see people post tips for how to hide your rolls, your stomach, your arms, or any other "undesirable" body part. We get it, sometimes you're just not a fan of that "thing," whatever it is, but don't let it hold you back from trying something new for yourself. Boudoir is a moment of exploration and release: free yourself from society's standards and embrace the moment!

#2: Relax those hands!

We totally understand why you might tense up during a boudoir photoshoot: it's scary being so exposed! And those nerves always come out in the photos, particularly when you look at the hands. Soft, relaxed hands especially are so sexy and so sensual, but it's also so easy to fall into stiff, unnaturally posed hands. So get up, shake it out, do some silly dances, put on Virgo's Groove, and release all that nervous energy. Then touch yourself like you do when you're in the shower giving striptease. Be gentle with yourself, and touch you like it's the 3rd date and you're ready to take it to the next level.

#3: Create long lines with your legs and arms

Give us geometry! Seriously, extend those arms and legs and create long, beautiful shapes with your body. Long lines draw the eyes in and tell use where to go. It's like you're giving the eyes a treasure map when you straighten those legs or reach your arms up and out. Extending yourself in that way can also help you feel a little more confident (ever hear of power posing?) and breathe a little better so you can relax. Length doesn't just come from limbs either - any stretching in your body, like in neck or torso, is great for opening you up and creating that length.

#4: Keep your chin up

We mean this both literally and figuratively, ok? But seriously, in our boudoir studio you will one thing over and over again: LIFT. THAT. CHIN. That's because it's a small, powerful way to make you look stunning. Keeping your chin up (as opposed to tucked into your neck) does a few wonders:

  • Lengthens your neck and creates those long lines we talked about

  • Gives an artful, regal air to your posing

  • Minimizes that creepy horror movie eye look that happens when you tilt your head down and look up with your eyes

  • Keeps you from adding extra chins - the number of chins you came in with is perfect, no need to add more

#5: Drop your shoulders

Relaxing your shoulders doesn't always apply, but in 90% of boudoir poses, it definitely applies. Bunched up shoulders usually signal tension, and you don't want to look stressed in your photos. There are times when you'll want to squeeze them inward and upward (like when you're highlighting your collarbones), but for the most part, we recommend letting them relax downward for a natural, relaxed pose.

#6: Arch that back!

Remember that one hot yoga class you took that felt amazing, but you never managed to go back? It's time to relive that moment and get into your cat and cow pose. Arch that back as deeply as you comfortably can to get an ultra sexy pose. It pops your butt out and makes you look ready for that moment.

#7: Point your toes

Come on ballerina, point those toes! This one can be a little bit uncomfortable if you're not used to doing it, but you'll thank us at the gallery reveal. Pointing your toes lengthens your legs, giving you that beautiful flow throughout your body. It's also way sexier than a flexed foot. If you're going for a dainty look, point the toes. If you want to look a little started or like a kid on a playground swing, flex your feet.

#8: Play with facial expressions

Time and time again we have clients come in and think that Blue Steel is their only option to be sexy, but it's not! Let yourself laugh or try a dead-on stare for intensity. Close your eyes and feel the moment, or imagine something that takes you there. Just know that you do not have to limit yourself to the slightly angry model squint and pouty lip to be sensual

#9: Experiment with different angles

Let your photographer know that you want to try shooting from different angles. The way you see yourself in the mirror is just one of many, many ways to see your body. Experiment with getting closer or further from the camera, try turning your body slightly away, or slightly towards it. Free yourself from the full frontal (even though we definitely love that one) and try out new perspectives to add interest and drama to your photos.

#10: Do your version of sexy, not the one you think you should be doing

The very best tip we can give you for pulling off your sexiest boudoir poses is to be yourself. Let your personality shine! This is definitely a time to challenge yourself and try new things, but a boudoir photoshoot is also meant to help you tap into what's truest to you.

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A Boudoir Experience: About Bovia & Co. Photography

Boudoir for us is an act of experimentation, exploration, and exhilaration- you'll do some things you know, and you'll try some things you'll want to repeat in the bathroom mirror when you get home. We know that posing doesn't come naturally, but we're here to make sure you feel comfortable from the very beginning. We shoot out of a private home studio in Bethesda, MD where you'll be greeted with drinks and a smile. We've curated a client closet that caters to all bodies so you don't have to pore over what to wear. Our professional team includes makeup artists, massage therapists, and estheticians we've personally vetted to ensure your privacy and comfort. Your photos are delivered with discretion, revealed only to you; no one has access to your gallery unless you send them a link to it yourself. When you're ready to experience this one of a kind moment, we'll be waiting.

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