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Jonas Green Park: Annapolis' Picturesque Little Secret

Updated: May 3, 2023

You ever have that local park that you drive by all the time, but never go inside because it looks a little rinky dink? My advice to you right now is to GO VISIT THAT PARK. Jonas Green Park in Annapolis may not look like much when you pull up, but it's truly a gem, especially for photographers. It's small and mighty (which is great when you don't feel like carrying a bunch of gear around). And the backgrounds are perfect for a dreamy elopement photoshoot or cinematic portrait session.

view of naval academy bridge where it crosses the severn river at jonas green park

Essential Information About Jonas Green Park

Jonas Green Park is located in Annapolis, Maryland at the base of the Naval Academy Bridge. The park is open from dawn til dusk, but the visitor center is only open on Tuesday-Saturday from 8:30am-4pm. Entrance is free and there is ample free parking. The park is handicap accessible.

Jonas Green Park offers several family-friendly activities including

  • Fishing

  • Boat launch

  • Picnic areas and grills, which are first come first serve and may not be reserved

  • A pier

  • Trails, paved and unpaved

Officially, swimming is not permitted in the Severn River.

Pets are welcome at the park, but they must be on a leash.

What Makes Jonas Green Park Perfect for a Photoshoot

vintage filmic photo of young woman walking along beach at jonas green park wearing white dress and barefoot
  • The permitting process at Jonas Green Park is pretty simple. All you have to do is email the Park Superintendent and let them know of your plans. No permit fees, no hassle.

  • Two of my favorite features of the park are the river shoreline and the sunset views you get. The horizon is low and BEAUTIFUL, so you get all the gorgeous sunshine at golden hour. It's the perfect backdrop for your romantic elopement photoshoots.

  • The view of the Naval Academy Bridge is absolutely stunning and makes for an amazing backdrop for photos

  • The park is never really too busy, even in the warmer months, so you can easily get photos without bumping into other people.

How to Have a Successful Photoshoot at Jonas Green Park

young latinx woman posing for photo in brookside gardens wearing all white and waving a light purple scarf in front of the camera to hide her face slightly
  • The rocky shorelines are beautiful, but they will definitely be painful on your feet if you decide to go barefoot for your photos, so be careful.

  • Bring a picnic and enjoy yourself! The park is really lovely and it's nice to spend a few moments enjoying it before or after your photoshoot

  • The best seasons for a photoshoot are summer and fall. The foliage is beautiful and the weather is great.

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Past Photo Shoots at Jonas Green Park


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