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  • Chloe Bovia

Boudoir is for ALL Bodies: A Mood Board

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Boudoir is not just for flat stomachs, smooth thighs, and long haired women, beautiful as they may be - boudoir is for any and every body. As a new mom who is categorized as 'morbidly obese,' I know what it's like to look for boudoir inspiration and find not one person that looks like me. My stomach is flabby, my boobs a little sideways, and my butt is not poppin like she used to BUT that does not disqualify you or me from being sexy, from feeling desirable, and from enjoying the indulgence of a boudoir photoshoot. So get into this moodboard, and bookmark it for later! I'm on a mission to make sure all of our bodies - no matter what they've been through our how they've been formed - are represented beautifully.

A Boudoir Experience: About Bovia & Co. Photography

Boudoir for us is an act of experimentation, exploration, and exhilaration- you'll do some things you know, and you'll try some things you'll want to repeat in the bathroom mirror when you get home. We know that posing doesn't come naturally, but we're here to make sure you feel comfortable from the very beginning. We shoot out of a private home studio in Bethesda, MD where you'll be greeted with drinks and a smile. We've curated a client closet that caters to all bodies so you don't have to pore over what to wear. Our professional team includes makeup artists, massage therapists, and estheticians we've personally vetted to ensure your privacy and comfort. Your photos are delivered with discretion, revealed only to you; no one has access to your gallery unless you send them a link to it yourself. When you're ready to experience this one of a kind moment, we'll be waiting.

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