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11 Creative Boudoir Outfit Ideas (Besides Lingerie)

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Have you ever wondered why boudoir photoshoots are always in lingerie? I don't know the answer, but I know my clients are always down for something a little more creative than a bra and panty set for their sessions (no disrespect!) So if you're wondering what to wear to a boudoir shoot BESIDES lingerie, you're in the right place. Here's a list of my favorite outfits to inspire your personal boudoir style.

#1 Play peek-a-boo with your favorite denim set

We know how hard it is to find that perfectly fitting pair of jeans. Show them off by pooping just a little booty out. Have a one-of-one denim jacket you thrifted? Throw that on with a cute pair of panties and no bra!

#2 Get fancy with florals

Strip down and let nature be your outfit! Extravagant florals create an artistic, tasteful image that you can put on your wall. Incorporating fresh flowers into your boudoir photo session also means you have some gorgeous decor to take home with you!

#3 Make the bedsheet do some work

Your boudoir outfit can be as simple as your bedding! Put that flat sheet to good use (for once in its life) and wear it like a robe, toga, or a last minute cover up as you rush to grab your Uber eats order from the door.

#4 Strip down completely

Sometimes figuring out what to wear to a boudoir shoot is as simple as wearing nothing at all. Rawness and intimacy are two of the best things about doing boudoir. Embrace both by getting completely naked and forgetting the pressure of finding the perfect outfit. YOU are the best outfit for a boudoir shoot. The best part is that it costs nothing and requires no special fittings or alterations.

#5 Get cozy in your favorite sweater

Do you want to embrace the cozy girl aesthetic? Come to your boudoir shoot in your favorite sweater! I love a slouchy, chunky knit myself, but choose whatever makes you feel like you're in a constant warm embrace.

#6 Cover all the way up

You don’t always have to show skin to be sexy. Leave something to the imagination by wearing a sheer tulle gown or a curve-hugging body suit. It's all about showing your personality and embracing your body just as it is.

#7 Elevate your lingerie with a statement piece

Still want to explore the lingerie route for your boudoir session? Create a unique look by layering a statement piece on top of your lingerie set. I love getting interesting pieces from creators on Etsy. A boudoir session is the perfect time to try on things you would never wear in your day to day.

#8 Go burlesque with ostrich feathers

Lean into the classic burlesque feel with a pair of big, fluffy ostrich feather fans. They add a ton of variety and fun to your session. Plus, they let you stylishly cover up any area you're not super comfortable with showing. I personally love the stunning shapes you can create with the fans to emphasize your own body.

#9 Be bold in a boa

When deciding what to wear for your boudoir session, consider the simple boa. You would be amazed at the versatility it can offer, especially when it's something other than feathers. The textures and colors really spice up the shoot, and you can work it into any pose!

#10 Feel like a fantasy in a dramatic robe

Ever hear of the rich widow robe? We have several in our client wardrobe and they bring the drama. Flowing tulle, feathers galore, and soft colors really make them a hit with clients. As a boudoir outfit, they make you feel super luxurious and sensual, and you barely have to do any posing in them. They do the work for you!

#11 Look like a painting in a tulle gown

Need something to hang on the wall? Put on this sheer tulle gown (another client wardrobe fave) and you'll instantly feel like a rare Renaissance painting. The fabric makes your skin look painterly and soft while making you feel like a dream.

Your dream boudoir photoshoot experience starts with Bovia & Co.

Whether you want to go fully nude or wear a sexy turtleneck, we want to help you plan a boudoir shoot that lets you embrace everything that makes you who you are. With relaxing amenities including massage therapy and spa facials and a professional makeup artist, Your photoshops will be planned around bringing the best out of you. Learn more about how we prioritize your enjoyment here.


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