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  • Chloe Bovia

7 Boudoir Poses to Help You Feel Confident and Sexy in Front of the Camera

Updated: Jan 4

Society tells us that plus size can't be sexy, but we reject that 100%. Your body, whatever size it has decided to be, is beautiful and sexy and sensual. If you're feeling anything less than that, try these plus size boudoir poses to spice things up for yourself. These are our favorite poses in the studio, and we guarantee they will help you feel sexy and confident in front of the camera. And the best part? You can do it all from the comfort of your own home, no photographer needed. But when you are ready to create some art and magic, give us a call...

#1 Full Surrender

photo of black woman posing in sexy position for plus size boudoir photoshoot
ⓒ Chloe Bovia

This is a great position if you want to look completely submissive in your boudoir photo! Get comfortable on a soft surface that's up against the wall. Facing the wall, get on your knees and spread them wide, bringing your toes as close together as you can. Put your hands up on the wall and arch your back to make your butt pop. This pose is perfect for showing off your butt, back, and shoulders and helpful for when you may be insecure about your stomach.

#2 Sitting Pretty

plus size black woman posing nude for plus size boudoir photoshoot bodyscape photoshoot
ⓒ Chloe Bovia

I love this pose because it's so simple, but so powerful when the lighting is right. All you have to do is sit down! Sit up straight with your arms behind you to lengthen your back and bring attention to your chest. Lean in a little bit and squeeze your arms around your breasts to make your cleavage pop. The pose is comfortable and flattering for everybody, and slight movements give you a ton of variety!

#3 The Passionate Touch

plus size woman posing in boudoir photoshoot laying in bed with arms touching face while wearing lace gloves
ⓒ Chloe Bovia

One thing about boudoir is how much passion you can convey in one image. My favorite way to do this is by bringing those hands all across the body, especially the face. Bring your hands to your face and bring them down slowly and passionately. Touch your face like it's the softest blanket you've ever held, and let your face feel filled with sensual pleasure. It's actually a profound experience if you let it be.

#4 The Pinup

plus size boudoir photoshoot where plus size black woman is laying on her back with legs in the air while wearing lingerie. pose is inspired by pinup
ⓒ Chloe Bovia

All you need for this pose is a wall and a comfy place to lay. It's inspired by classic pinup poses so you can show off your legs and your cleavage while creating beautiful length in your neck. Make sure your butt and the back of your legs are all the way up against the wall for maximum length and comfort. Bonus points if you have a long ponytail or long hair to let drape on the floor.

#5 The Shy Girl

plus size black woman posing for boudoir photoshoot while wearing a sheet to cover her body.
ⓒ Chloe Bovia

For a classic boudoir look, grab that bedsheet and pose! My favorite way to do it is by standing in the window and looking longingly at the landscape (so many Ls, oh my goodness!), with the sheet draped lightly around the body. The pose itself has a ton of emotion in it, it really tells a story without you having to do much at all. It's also the perfect time to show off that back, shoulders, and arms, and even a peek of booty!

#6 Doggy Style

plus size boudoir pose with black woman posing on her stomach and knees while wearing lingerie
ⓒ Chloe Bovia

This one is for my nasty girls. Just get on your knees and bring that chest to the floor or whatever surface you're laying on. Bring your arms out straight in front of you and keep your head down for anonymity or lay it on your arms to give a peekaboo to the audience. This pose is great for showing off all your curves. Arch your back as much as you can to really give your body length and make that booty pop.

#7 The Patiently Waiting

plus size boudoir pose where black woman is posing on bed in lingerie and lace gloves laying on her side
ⓒ Chloe Bovia

Want that real "come hither" feeling in your photos? This is the pose for you. The magic is really in the camera angle. Shooting from above really creates that feeling of someone looking at you getting ready to jump in the bed with you. As for the pose itself, all you need is a cozy couch, chaise, or bed to lay on. Lay on your side, propped up by your hand. Bend your bottom leg and let that top leg stretch over the top. Use your top hand to delicately caress your leg and show off that long, beautiful curve. Accent your chest by arching your back a little in the pose.

Boudoir for Every Body

So many people hear "boudoir" and immediately count themselves out for two reasons:

They think they're too awkward to be sexy or they feel like they don't have a body that can be sexy and sexual. I'm here to tell you both reasons have a solution: Bovia & Co. Photography. As plus size women ourselves, we know the journey to love your body can be tough, but we want you to celebrate and honor that body. Our pampered photoshoots put your needs, wants, hopes, and dreams first. We create an experience that helps you tap into a version of yourself you didn't even know existed. Experience it for yourself...

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