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10 Ideas for a Platonic Love Letter That Will Make Your Bestie Feel Unstoppable

Who said love letters are just for romance? Personally, I think we should romanticize our friendships a little more. We should be telling our friends all the time how much they mean to us! And you never know how much they might need that affirmation right now. So let's write a love letter to our besties, bestie. Don't know where to start or what to say? It's ok! Try these prompts to get your brain thinking. Some are sentimental, some are just plain fun. Pick whatever suits your friendship and make it all your own!

  1. Tell them about a time that you felt most proud of them, and how they've come even further

  2. Talk about when you realized that you would be best friends

  3. Tell them what you thought of them when you first met compared to how you feel about them now

  4. List out the unique qualities that make them such a great friend

  5. Tell them about a time that they made a difference in your life and didn't even realize it

  6. Reminisce on a time when you both were in trouble, but managed to get out of it.

  7. Make a "best friends contract" that lays out your commitment as a bestie

  8. Write about a time that you both laughed so hard that you couldn't breathe

  9. Write about why you would choose them for your zombie apocalypse team

  10. Reminisce on your school age crushes and how much you've changed since then


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