• Chloe Bovia

Plus Size Boudoir: What to Wear to a Boudoir Shoot If You're Not Comfortable in Lingerie...Yet

Updated: Oct 18

Boudoir can feel so intimidating when all you see are rail thin women with perfectly coke-bottled bodies posing in shards of lace and silk. These women don’t represent you and I though - we have curves that need to be accounted for! And sometimes Lingerie just doesn’t feel quite right, not because we don’t look absolutely fantastic in it, but because we desire something a little more creative. So what do you wear to a boudoir shoot when you don’t want to do just thong and bra sets? Don’t let Lingerie hold you back from that boudoir session. Let these outfit ideas inspire you to do something uniquely you.

Play peek-a-boo with your favorite denim set

black woman posing for boudoir photoshoot back facing camera, bent over, jeans pulled under buttocks to reveal thong
© Chloe Bovia

We know how hard it is to find that perfectly fitting pair of jeans. Show them off by pooping just a little booty out. Have a one-of-one denim jacket you thrifted? Throw that on with nothing else (and I mean nothing).

Get fancy with florals

Strip down and let nature be your outfit! extravagant florals create an artistic, tasteful image that you can put on your wall. Incorporating fresh flowers into your boudoir photo session also means you have some gorgeous decor to take home with you!

Make the bedsheet do some work

Boudoir is french for bedroom after all. Put that flat sheet to good use (for once in its life) and wear it like a robe, toga, or a lady minute cover up as you rush to grab your Uber eats order from the door.

Strip down completely

Rawness and intimacy are two of the best things about doing boudoir. Embrace both by getting completely naked and forgetting the pressure of finding the perfect outfit. YOU are the best outfit for boudoir shoot. The best part is that it costs nothing and requires no special fittings or alterations.

Cover all the way up

You don’t always have to show skin to be sexy. Leave something to the imagination by wearing a sheer tulle gown or a curve-hugging body suit.

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Your dream boudoir photoshoot experience starts with Bovia & Co.

Whether you want to go fully nude or wear a sexy turtleneck, we want to help you plan a boudoir shoot that lets you embrace everything that makes you who you are. With relaxing amenities including massage therapy and spa facials and a professional makeup artist, Your photoshops will be planned around bringing the best out of you. Learn more about how we prioritize your enjoyment here.