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How to Embrace the Soft Life: Aesthetic Mood Boards to Inspire Your Journey Into Gentle Living

The Meaning of Soft Life

Welcome to the side of the internet where we're taking it easy. Over here we work hard, but we don't deprive ourselves of rest, enjoyment, and relaxation. We're not carrying the world on our shoulders anymore, we're finally making ourselves a priority. If the soft life is calling to your, a life where you're not draining yourself constantly and completely for the sake of others, then you've found the right place. It's time to pour into you.

As a portrait and boudoir photographer, I meet so many women that don't feel deserving of good things and loving treatment. It's like they've been shamed into always being the giver, and guilted out of ever receiving. It takes a lot of work to release oneself from that attitude, but it helps to see yourself living that life.

*Cue the moodboard*

I've curated some of my favorite photoshoots of real women who have been right where you are. Let these soft lie aesthetics inspire you to live authentically in freedom and comfort in every aspect of your life.

Soft Life in Romance

Relationships can be hard work, but not enough people are showing off the rewards. Your relationship should not be overwhelmingly defined by the lows; thinking about your partner should bring you more joy than headaches. This is what a soft life in love and romance can look like:

Soft Life in Career

Living a soft life isn't always associated with working for a living, but that's the reality for most of us. But you can achieve softness in your career pursuits by setting boundaries, using that PTO, and focusing on the parts of your work that you actually bring you joy. Look at these branding photos from women who have found their passions in life and are pursuing them without the burden of everyone else's expectations for them.

Soft Life in Leisure

What is a soft life without leisure? It's about taking time off, enjoying yourself, going on vacation, and treating yourself - all without guilt. There is no shame in truly enjoying yourself - all the people you care for and the tasks you juggle can wait for a little bit while you take some time to recharge. This is what it looks like to celebrate and enjoy your life unapologetically.

Soft Life at Home

If you're pursuing the soft life, start with your home life! Romanticize the little things you do at home and make them special - put your tea in beautiful mugs, use a french press instead of a regular coffee machine, warm your towels right before you shower. Do what you can to make your home as comfortable and special as possible, you deserve!

Embrace Your Soft Life with Bovia & Co. Photography

It's time for you to start your era of leisure and comfort. You've worked hard and a celebration is to be had. Our curated photoshoot sessions welcome you into an aesthetic oasis that prioritizes your comfort - from champagne and artisanal charcuterie to professional styling and on-site massage, you will be totally pampered. It's more than a photoshoot, it's an entire elevation of your life.

Hi there, I'm Chloe

Black woman photographer, mom to an applesauce-obsessed toddler, and cheerleader for every woman who's decided to love herself unconditionally.


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