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  • Chloe Bovia

Soft Life Aesthetics for Your Feminine Journey: A Mood Board

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Have you started your feminine journey and found yourself seeking practical inspiration for how to live a softer life? Then I'm so excited to share this mood board with you! As a woman seeking more softness in her busy, demanding life, I've really focused on curating images that represent a mix of aspirational aesthetics and real life femininity that you can achieve in your day to day. While some of the photos are your classic pinterest finds, many of them are from portrait photoshoots I've done with real women who are just like you: putting down the unfair demands of women (especially black women) and picking up a soft life that treats luxury and relaxation as a self-care practice. The photoshoots we plan are not women cosplaying luxury - they're real women living an authentically luxurious, indulgent moment that just happens to be caught on camera. If you're seeking the same, you've come to the right place.

How to Start Your Feminine Journey: Become Your Own Inspiration

The first step to embracing your femininity is actually seeing and believing that you can live the soft life that you desire. You know that vision board you made? Where do you see yourself on it? If there are no images of you on it, then what really keeps you inspired? Capturing yourself in an authentically soft and luxurious moment is a gift to yourself. If you want to stay motivated through your transformation, you have to be able to see yourself in more than just your mind's eye. That tangible reminder of the woman you desire to be can be right in front of you.

Soft, Feminine Aesthetics Featuring Real Life Women

I love a good pinterest board, don't get me wrong (I even link to mine below), but we need a more realistic vision of femininity. As you shift to be more feminine and soft, you should be able to connect with like-minded women who are doing the same. There are plenty of women just like you, so why not admire their real moments instead of fake, staged ones?

Are you ready to launch your feminine journey? A photoshoot is the perfect way to appreciate where you are now and visualize where you want to be. Schedule your creative consultation to take your next major step into softness and femininity.

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