• Chloe Bovia

The Husband-Proof Push Present

It’s been 3 long trimesters, the baby is almost here, and you’re ready to finally meet your little one! But you keep hearing people ask “what will you get her as a push present?” First of all, what even is a push present?? Secondly, what do you buy your wife when she gives birth? What could possibly be more exciting than successfully delivering a baby?

Well, not much really, but this just one more chance to that special person carrying your child that you are endlessly grateful for their bravery through pregnancy and their commitment to bringing in new life. And what goes around comes around - when your partner knows you’ve gone all out for them, they’ll want to return the favor.

So what should I get her?

Typical push present ideas include:

  • Jewelry - but what if she doesn’t like that? And where will she where it when she’s at home those first few months feverishly caring for a new baby?

  • Clothing - do you really want to remind her that she’s gone up two or three sizes since getting pregnant?

  • Spa day - a good gift, but it could be better…

  • Newborn keepsakes - you should definitely do whatever you can to capture these precious first days with your baby, but what about something that helps mom remember who she became at birth?

So what’s left? That sums up pretty much every “push gift for wife” list you’ll find on google! And it’s so easy to get all of these WRONG. But consider this: your partner has just gone through an incredible transformation to her body. She may not even recognize herself right now - she may be getting comments from family about how her body looks different, and her mind might be fighting between “I’m so powerful for birthing that baby!” and “When will I get my body back?” Instead of things that get old, get her something that will remind her of how beautiful, powerful, and sexy she STILL is. You can’t possibly mess this up, trust us…

Why a luxury photoshoot is the ideal push present

After having a child, women are faced with so much pressure - from themselves and everyone around them - to get “back” to the body they had before birth. Show your beloved that you appreciate her body and her wellbeing with a luxury photoshoot package. At Bovia & Co, we’ve taken the time to curate a high end photoshoot experience for women that need to be reminded that they are seen, heard, and felt. Having a baby can make a woman feel like she’s a side character in everyone’s life - baby takes the main stage (rightfully so), but people forget to ask mom and dad how THEY'RE doing.

Make her the main character again with one of our uniquely crafted portrait sessions. When she enters our studio, she’ll be greeted like royalty - handcrafted cocktails (or mocktails for our breastfeeding mamas) waiting at the entrance, locally procured patisserie and charcuterie to keep her nourished, massage and spa facial services lined up, and stylist’s dream closet to choose from. Once she’s been pampered and prepared, we’ll take photos of her that will blow her mind (and yours). After all, childbirth has made her a new woman and she deserves a new perspective of herself! And she deserves a luxury push present that shows how much you value her.

The best part about gifting a photoshoot is that the memories last. The feelings from that day can always be conjured back up by looking through your keepsake album. She’ll always have these moments to remind her of the stunning, unstoppable woman she is.

Dad gets something out of it too!

Very rarely does anyone ask “what’s a good push present for daddy?” But when you book one of our boudoir sessions, the real gift is the smoldering photos of her you’ll get. Doctors usually recommend waiting a minimum of six weeks after birth to have sex, which is why we recommend booking your push present boudoir session date two months after birth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Photoshoots:

But what if she’s uncomfortable doing boudoir?

That’s ok! Our portrait sessions can capture any creative vision you or her have in mind.

How do you tell your husband you want a push present?

If you’re reading this as the birthing mother and thinking “I want this,” we recommend just telling him! We don’t know the intricate ways in which you and your husband communicate, but we’ve always thought honesty is the best policy. You don’t even have to label it as a “push present,” just tell him you’re going to need a day where you feel like you again.

What if I don’t know what kind of photoshoot she wants to do?

Do you trust us? Because we’ll handle all of the fine details. You just tell us a date and what amenities you want included in her package, and we’ll work with her to craft the creative vision of the shoot. Don’t know the date or what amenities she’ll want? Get her a gift card instead and she can book on her own! But here’s a hot tip: many women much prefer when you take the lead in planning. She’s got enough on her plate anyway, trust that you know her well enough to do something this kind for her.

Are you ready to give the mother of your child the lavish experience she deserves? Click here to book your creative consultation. Oh, and congratulations!