• Chloe Bovia

Handcrafted Items to Heighten Your Self Care Routine

Updated: Nov 1

Clients always ask me what to do before a photoshoot, and as a photographer, I’ve learned that the most important thing is taking care of yourself! While you may not always have time for a full spa session, incorporating moments of pampering into your daily routine will do wonders for your outer glow and your inner confidence. When you decide that you’re worth taking care of each and every day, you look different. And you don’t spend the day before big moments like events or photoshoots scrambling for appointments to get yourself right. As the ancestors say - “Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready!” I’m going to focus on physical self care here, but check out this article for affirmations to enhance your mental and spiritual care.

Handcrafted Products for your self care routine

I love a local business - I find that my favorite Luxury self care products are made by people I can actually talk to and address my needs with. So I've put together this list of truly artisanal, Black woman-owned body care products that will work wonders AND make you feel like a deluxe package.

Twisted Aloe Leave-In Moisturizer: A Natural Hair Lifesaver

My daughter and I have VERY kinky natural hair, and Twisted Aloe's Leave-In Conditioner is my favorite product for detangling, moisturizing, and loc maintenance. It smells great and doesn't leave behind any buildup or sticky residue. Ohdehliyah is also an expert when it comes to aloe (and one of my favorite loctitians)!

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Beauty Clique Cosmetics: Body Butter Done Right

Don’t you hate greasy body butter that makes you feel like a glazed ham? Me. Too. I would call myself a body butter connoisseur - I've tried them ALL and I'll continue to do so. One thing you are not going to do is catch me ashy, ok? That said, one of my favorites by far is Beauty Clique Cosmetics Body Butter Cream. It's light, it's smooth, it goes on like lotion, and keeps you soft and supple all day! My favorite scent is the tropical pineapple - it's subtle and sweet. I also love the matching cane sugar scrub for exfoliation.

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Herbs & Berries for Baby Smooth Skin

Have you noticed that a lot of body scrubs are oily and leave a grimy layer on your skin? Cue up Herbs & Berries. The Black Girl Magic coffee scrub is exfoliating and cleansing - it doubles as a soap so your skin is actually clean after you use it. And it smells AMAZING. I even send a sample to clients before their shoot - I love it that much!

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Yeht Co. for Handmade Goodness perfected over generations

Sometimes self care at home gets reduced to just skincare when really your full body needs attention. Cue the oatmeal and goat’s milk soap by Yeht Co. It is so gentle and so refreshing, I even use it on my baby girl! The oatmeal flakes give you gentle exfoliation while the soap itself provides a softening clean with a fresh, subtle scent.

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BU Candles for Your Aromatherapy Vibes

I can alrady tell you're a candle girl like me. Create a softly scented, relaxing oasis in your home with BU Candles. My favorite scent is "I AM KING," which is the woody, manly smell that reminds me of my husband (and for me that's relaxing lol). You have to special request that scent though, it's been discontinued. The other scents are great, but you have to catch them before they go out of season!

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Make a memory of your pampering

When your DIY self care finally starts showing results, how will you celebrate it? All that glowy skin and luscious hair and renewed self-confidence should be commemorated with a photoshoot! And if you find yourself falling out of practice, you’ll be reminded of what it looked like when you took the time to love yourself b so go ahead and book that shoot, you worked hard for it.