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Montgomery County, Maryland Fine Art Portrait Photographer



Photo of young african american woman holding grapes to her mouth like a greek goddess being fed on a satee. Woman is wearing white sheet with sunlight lighting her silhouette. Fine art photography done by black photographer in north bethesda, maryland.

Fine art portrait photography to celebrate authenticity and reignites your confidence

Intention & Authenticity

Portrait photography at Bovia & Co. is about the experience - great photos are, well, great, but how did we get there? Did you fumble your way into a pose that worked, or did you feel confidently guided through empowering movement and flow? Did you question yourself the entire session or did you feel supported and genuinely seen at every step? Did you show up tense and nervous, or did you get reassurance from the very beginning?

A photoshoot can be more than the photos - with intention and care throughout the process, it can be the entrance into a whole new world of confidence and vulnerability for yourself.

Photo of plus size black woman with sultry stare at camera. Boudoir photoshoot by black portrait photographer in montgomery county

Detail Oriented

As a Black woman, I know there are a few things that really matter when it comes to portraits of ANYBODY:

Getting those skin tones just right so you glow

Minding the little things like stray locs and chipped nails

Coming prepared for client emergencies (chapped lips, dry hands, loose threads)

You are your own worst critic, but on the road to compassion and confidence, it helps to have someone who can take your mind off the little things.

Photo of plus size african american woman at boudoir photoshoot wearing red boa and sitting on white sofa looking away from camera with her face in shadow. Photo taken by black photographer in bethesda, maryland.




Hello Gorgeous, and welcome to Bovia & Co. I may look like a pensive, serious person, but really I'm just a silly goose that loves moody tumblr aesthetics. I'm passionate about compassion because my photography is rooted in my own journey to lovingkindness for my body. After having my baby (a wildly active 2 year old Sesame Street superfan), I struggled with feeling unseen and undesirable. I felt like my new body was a burden, and I refused to take any meaningful pictures of myself for nearly a year. And I wholly regret it. I do photography now because I want every woman to know that she is worth remembering at every stage. Every pound, every failure, every achievement, every little everything is worth remembering.

Photo of Chloe Bovia, the owner and photographer at Bovia & Co., a black owned photographer studio based in bethesda, maryland.


Chloe is one of my favorite photographers. I have had the pleasure to work with her twice. The first was a whimsical white dress shoot and the second was a Barbie shoot. She captures the most feminine and sensual photos and she makes you feel comfortable. She is very patient and encourages you to be yourself. For the Barbie shoot, we did close to 5 or 6 different outfits. I love her unique style and creativity. She does great things with the lighting and a few tools that she uses.

Linda H.





1.5 Hour photoshoot
Professional makeup
2-3 Outfits
Complimentary champagne
Pre session care package
Same day gallery reveal
Digital photos and prints are purchased separately

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