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The Sweetheart Sessions


Welcome to the Sweetheart Suite

This set is designed to give you all the romantic, luxurious you want for a Valentine's Day boudoir photoshoot. Only up for the month of February, this is how we're swooning you. 

This is What Pampered Looks Like...

What do you look like when you're completely taken care? How do you glow when you're surrounded by people that want to see you win? Our Sweetheart Sessions are designed to relax you and usher you into your soft, sensual era. This side of you is yearning to come out, even if you don't think she's there. Give her the opportunity to surprise you...


Choosing Your Experience



Full glam makeup


Champagne + Charcuterie


Personalized Posing Flow


On-Set Assistant


10 Digital Photos


1.5 Hours in Studio


1 Outfit




Sweetheart session plus:


Client wardrobe access


Complimentary photo gift


30 minute massage


20 Digital Photos


More studio time


2 Outfits


Biweekly, 3 month, and 6 month payment plans available 

How We Do Boudoir: About Bovia & Co.

We specialize in capturing intimate, sensual moments that reveal your most confident form. Our team of Black women is dedicated to making you feel comfortable and confident during the photo shoot. We understand that every woman is unique and we work with each client to create a customized experience that captures their individuality. Our studio offers a variety of props, clothing, and backgrounds to choose from, and we take the time to understand your unique style and preferences. We know how intimate and exposed boudoir photography can be, so we ensure that your session with us is curated to maximize your comfort, safety, and empowerment.

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