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Because the special occasion is you

Photography for people that appreciate the journey just as much as the destination

Right now is worth remembering.

Life has been crazy lately, hasn't it? You're constantly on the go - job asking you to do jobs they don't pay for, friends always going to brunch, dating and relationships just yikes, AND you've got to make time for self-care somehow! And yet you still found yourself here. A photoshoot feels a little indulgent when you have so many other things on your plate though, right? Maybe it is, but you're here anyway and I think I know why.

Maybe you just need some new headshots, or you're scrambling for a last-minute wedding photographer - you know, this is something you have to do, but deep down, you know you want something for YOU. You want to do the indulgent thing, the "put my phone on do not disturb" thing, the thing you keep putting off because your checklist is so long already. This is your permission to do it. At Bovia & Co. we're giving you permission to close the laptop, silence the phone, and forget the to-do list. Right now is worth remembering, so don't miss it.

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Bovia & Co. is a portrait photography studio in Bethesda, Maryland specializing in telling love stories for individuals and couples.




I'm Chloe, and I create lush and dreamy photoshoots for women who need to appreciate themselves a little more.


I know you're probably thinking "This heifa bet not have me payin all this money for nothin." Trust me, it's for something. Besides supporting a Black Woman-owned business and helping me pay for yet another bag of clementines for my toddler, you're also about to take a big leap for yourself. Your enjoyment, your confidence, and your peace are worth the investment. Seeing yourself completely anew is worth it, I promise.

Words of Affirmation

Bovia & Co. is more than photography. My experience with Chloe was fun, empowering, supportive and healing. From booking to receiving my photos, I could feel the intention and care. If you want to feel like an absolute queen, this is for you!



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How do you usually prepare for a photoshoot? Do you find a makeup artist? Consult your friends about your outfit? Freak out a little bit because you have don't feel confident in yourself?

Oh wait, did that last one get you? Good. Photoshoots can be intimidating when it's...

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When is the last time you showed your body real love? It can be hard to find kind words for yourself, so I’ve found them for you.

Next time you look at yourself, choose differently - decide to use these kind words to build a foundation of love and tenderness for yourself.

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