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Bethesda, Maryland Boudoir Photographer

Because intimacy is an art.

Soft, sensual, subtle boudoir photography that emphasizes compassion for your body

Exquisite & Empowering

Boudoir at Bovia & Co. is about the experience - we welcome women into a space that makes them feel something. It's not about sexy pictures, it's about seeing yourself as the powerful, desirable, soft, deserving woman you are. Boudoir is about intimacy and being vulnerable. This is a safe place for you to freely explore your most confident, authentic, adventurous, artistic self. We offer special amenities including professional massage and personal styling to help you truly relax into your softest, feminine space. There's nothing you need to know how to do - all that's required is your presence and an openness to meeting the real you.

Curated Services

We're taking full service to the next level. Photoshoots are supposed to be fun, not stressful, so we take care of everything for you.

Hesitation is Normal

Your reasons for delaying this beautiful, transformative moment are valid. There are some things you may feel nervous about - posing, weight, outfits, even just spending money on yourself. I make content for women like you because I get it. If you're feeling that hesitation and need a little extra reassurance, check out some of these blogs to help you out.

Meet the 

Chloe Bovia

Hello Gorgeous, and welcome to Bovia & Co. I won't hold you long, I just want to tell you that you're worthy. My photography is rooted in my own journey to confidence and a sense of worth. After having my baby (a wildly active 1 year old Sesame Street superfan), I struggled with feeling unseen and undesirable. I felt like my new body was a burden, and I refused to take any meaningful pictures of myself for nearly a year. And I wholly regret it. I do photography now because I want every woman to know that she is worth remembering at every stage. Every pound, every failure, every achievement, every everything is worth remembering.


"Heaven Sent"

I've always been a little self conscious of certain parts of my body that I hadn't grown to be comfortable with just yet and Chloe made me feel so beautiful. She encouraged me through the entire shoot and found poses that were comfortable for me but also highlighted the parts of me that I really liked. I had THE BEST experience with her! I am already on the process of booking my next shoot!!!!

Tiffany N.

Session Pricing




Champagne Service

Professional Makeup

1 Outfit

10 digital photos




Champagne Service

Professional Makeup

2 outfitst

15 digital photos

Client Wardrobe Access




Champagne & Charcuterie

Professional Makeup

Personal Stylist Appointment

In-studio Massage Therapy

3 outfits

20 Digital photos

Client Wardrobe Access

*Paypal "Buy Now, Pay Later" plans are available for terms up to 24 months*

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