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New in the Studio: Soft White Set

Updated: May 15, 2023

Y'all like layers? I love layers. I like texture, and layers, and monochrome looks and I've been trying to bring that to life in my set design. So I got to playing around and I came out with the beautiful, soft white and cream and beige and khaki set.

I know, this picture is pathetic. If I'm being totally honest, it's a screenshot from a video I was doing of me building the set. I compleeeeetely forgot to take an actual photo of it! But check out these pictures of me in it, I think I look pretty cute, and I won't delete...

You like this dress? It's a new addition to the client closet. Unfortunately, I couldn't position my tripod the way I wanted to, so you can't see how big, floofy, and gorgeous it really is. But rest assured, she is gorgeous.

A Model Call Mini Session is A Comin'

Want to be the first to wear this dress (outside of me of course) and be featured on my instagram and all that? Get into the model call! Every once in a while, I open a few spots for y'all to come in, have some fun, and help me update my portfolio. The session includes bubbly, makeup, and good vibes. This is great if you want to work with me and don't mind sharing your gorgeous photos with the world.


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