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The Curvy Girl's Guide to Posing : 10 Easy, Bold Plus Size Poses for Women

Society tells us that plus size can't be sexy, but we reject that 100%. Your body, whatever size it has decided to be, is beautiful and sexy and sensual. If you're feeling anything less than that, try these plus size poses to spice things up for yourself. Don't get it twisted though, I don't believe in special posing for plus size women because we can do anything. But I know you want to be photographed by someone that creates a safe and welcome space for your body, hence this page.

These are my favorite poses in the studio, and I guarantee they will help you feel bold and confident in front of the camera. And the best part? You can do it all from the comfort of your own home, no photographer needed. But when you are ready to create some art and magic, give me a call...

Before You Get Started: My Top 3 Posing Tips


When it comes to posing, it helps to think of your body like a geometry assignment. If you're in a pose and feel like it needs some pizazz, think about how you can create a line or connect to make a triangle. That could look like opening up your legs, connecting your hands to your hips, or any other combination of movements.


The great thing about digital cameras today is that you can take unlimited photos. This means you have all the time in the world to try different things! So keep moving as you pose to give yourself variety. You don’t have to do drastic changes either! Slight movements like repositioning your hand or turning your face just a bit can make a huge difference.


Whatever you're wearing, WORK IT! If it's a flowy dress, show off that movement by twirling. Wearing some perfectly tailored pants? Get your legs going in interesting positions. The pose doesn't have to be all about the outfit, but what you're wearing can help you come up with some amazing photos!

10 Plus Size Poses to Make You Feel Fearless in Front of the Camera

1. The Soft Touch + Piercing Stare

plus size black woman wearing jacket on one shoulder and demonstrating plus size pose with piercing stare directly into the camera

2. The Sensual Stretch

plus size pose showing curvy black woman wearing pink robe and sitting on low stool bending over slightly and sensually touching leg

3. The Statuesque Recline

plus size pose showing plus size black person reclining on ground mimicking a marble statue

4. The Classy Seated Pose

plus size poses featuring curvy black woman sitting in white chair with legs slightly cross and hands folded on knee

5. The Masculine Recline

plus size woman in black leather cosplay demonstrating instagram plus size poses for pictures

6. The Casual Floor Pose

plus size asian woman wearing all pink sweatsuit demonstrating instagram plus size poses for pictures by sitting on floor with one leg up and bottom leg slightly bent

7. The Party Girl Ponytail

plus size asian woman doing instagram plus size poses for pictures wearing orange fringe dress and playing with long black ponytail

8. The Draped Arms

plus size black woman demonstrating plus size poses for photoshoot wearing silk kimono posing in chair with arms draped over back and smiling softly at the camera

9. The Pinup Floor Pose

plus size photoshoot pose featuring curvy asian woman laying on floor wearing fluffy pink dress with legs in the air imitating a pinup pose

10. The Dreamy Hair Whip


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Black woman photographer, mom to an applesauce-obsessed toddler, and cheerleader for every woman who's decided to love herself unconditionally.


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