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5 Secrets to a Showstopping Flying Dress Photoshoot

plus size older woman wearing blue flying dress for plus size flying dress photoshoot in dc

There are few things more luxurious, more sumptuous, and more visually dramatic than a flying dress photoshoot. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably spent more than a little bit of time dreaming of yourself standing gracefully in the wind with 10 feet of vibrantly colored silk billowing behind you. While flying dress photos are stunning to look at, I have to be honest with you as a photographer: they take some work! Before your session, prep yourself with these essential tips for a successful and dreamy flying dress photoshoot. I even included where you can get a dress without the hassle (and without giving Bro. Bezos anymore money)!

5 Secrets to a Jaw Dropping Flying Dress Photoshoot

The More Hands, The Better

Those big, billowing dresses do not happen in photoshop (usually). Whether you’re the photographer or the client, the best way to get the dramatic flow look is to have some assistance. You need at least one other person to fluff the dress, but two is ideal. The wind isn’t a guaranteed factor, so having a team will ensure that you’ll get the most out of your flying dress session.

older woman wearing blue flying dress in plus size flying dress photoshoot in dc

Bring Safety Pins and Strong Clips

When you’re putting on a flying dress, you’ll notice that it’s more like trying to tie an infinity scarf than putting on a regular dress. They’re made to fit a wide variety of sizes and styles. It’s pretty cool that you can customize them, but it’s always good to have some extra clips to hold thing in place. This is especially important if you have a smaller frame or smaller chest - you’ll want to be able to cinch that extra fabric back for a comfortable fit on your body.

Bring the Boob Tape

One thing that will really elevate your flying dress photoshoot is bringing boob tape instead of wearing a traditional bra. Boob tape will give you the lift and security you need without the distracting lines and straps that would be visible with a bra. A strapless bra is ok, but not ideal because the band will still be visible in the back.

slender black woman wearing orange flying dress for flying dress photoshoot in dc

Go With The Wind

If you’re lucky enough to have a nice breezy day for your flying dress session, use that wind to your advantage! You’ll want to take photos with your face toward the wind so it’s blowing your dress away from you. This will give your dress the best flow and highest drama for your photos.

Find the Right Backdrop

Part of the magic of a flying dress photoshoot is the scenery. Maybe you can’t head over to Santarini or Jamaica for that vacation look, but there are bound to be some local gems you can visit. Some of my favorite places to photograph the flying dress are local museums, any place with a massive staircase, the top floor of a parking garage at sunset, and botanic gardens.

slender black woman wearing orange flying dress for flying dress photoshoot in dc

Where to Get a Flying Dress

Be honest, you don’t really trust amazon for this kind of thing. If you want your photoshoot to go smoothly, get your flying dress from a trusted source. These are my favorite places to order a flying dress, and you’ll be supporting a small business!

black and white photo featuring plus size asian woman wearing flying dress in dc

Rent a Flying Dress with BookaLooker

BookaLooker is a Virginia based dress rental company that specializes in dramatic dresses for photoshoots. She has a beautiful collection of flying dresses for rent, and she has a variety of other photoshoot-worthy dresses. You can rent a dress and she’ll ship it to you within the week if you need a last minute option.

Buy Your Own Flying Dress on Etsy

If you want a flying dress to keep in your closet for special occasions, check out Lansy Custom Dresses on Etsy! They make each dress to your measurements, so you can be sure that you’ll get something that fits you just right. They also have a ton of great reviews so you know you're getting your dress from a legit shop.

Recycle a Flying Dress from Facebook

Sometimes you just want to work towards a circular economy and buy it used, and I love that (I’m a buy nothing girlie myself). Check out the Flying Dress Community on Facebook to find a pre-loved dress and some hot tips for your shoot.

Check With Your Photographer

Did you know a lot of photographers, especially ones with their own studio, usually have a client closet that you can dive into? Ask your photographer if this is an option, and if they have any of those flying dresses you've been seeing everywhere. I keep options in my client closet for anyone that wants to plan a flying dress session without the hassle of doing their own research.

Make Your Flying Dress Dreams a Reality with Bovia & Co.

Ready to have your cinematic, hair blowing in the wind, dreamy gown moment on camera? Come on over to this side. I started Bovia & Co. to give women like you the soft, luxurious experiences they deserve. My photoshoots are centered on compassion for you and your journey, creativity, and capturing your authentic story. Check out the portrait experience for yourself.

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