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Plant Moms Can Be Sexy Too: A Plant Boudoir Experience

Updated: May 31, 2023

In my home, I've carved out this gorgeous, sun-drenched space for photos and made it a little jungle getaway for you. It's one of my favorite spaces to take photos because it's so sunny, warm, and peaceful. Lately, I'm loving gold tones in my photos, so I incorporated a lot of neutrals to bring that feel. I want it to feel like the aesthetic homes you bookmark on instagram, you know?

Stop Imagining and Start Living: Book Your Plant Boudoir Session

I'm all for daydreaming, but your dreamy moment doesn't have to just live in your head! You can book a session in this planty oasis any time. And to make it a really good time, I've curated some pretty luxe amenities to help you actually enjoy your photoshoot. I take all the stress of planning and preparing out of the process so you can come in and be fully immersed in the experience. Click here to see how I make it all so easy.


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Black woman photographer, mom to an applesauce-obsessed toddler, and cheerleader for every woman who's decided to love herself unconditionally.


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